EE-Entrepreneur Environment

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Gather your team

You've got talent that you want to share with the world, EE-Entrepreneur is for you. Gather your team up (or if you are an indvidual) and become an Entrepreneur with EE Stone. you can manage your team and work they do together with you.

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Provide Services

The Entrepreneurs can add the list of services they can provide to people. The services they can provide could be remotely which is named as "Online Service" or physical services which is named as "Local Service". Any type of service you provide is based on the type of Entrepreneur you choose to become.

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Get Paid

Entrepreneurs will be getting paid when the client is fully satisfied with the service they provide and when they give us the permission to release the payment. The amount of payment depends on the contract that Entrepreneur has made with the client.

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Level up

Entrepreneurs are leveled up into five categories named as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. As the Entrepreneur will work more and provide efficient services to clients, their level will increase. There are few criteria for each level, on meeting these criterias their Entrepreneur level will increase.

Online Services

The online type of Entrepreneurs provide their services remotely. All those services that does not require any physical presence of an Entrepreneur and it can be done by using some degital device.
The client hires an Entrepreneur to get their service by providing the complete information about their work (project) and by sending them a proposal to make a contract. On Accepting the proposal the Entrepreneur will finish the project and report the client to check, after checking the final delivery of their work - client releases the payment. During the whole working process the payment will be deposited to EE Stone for the safety of both parties and will be released on demand.
The remote type of services include Software Development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Education and many more.

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Local Services

The Local Services include all those services that require the physical presence of an Entrepreneur to deliver the services. Those Entrepreneurs usually lives in your local area or city.
The client hires an Entrepreneur by providing them the complete information about their work (project) and by sending them a proposal to make a contract, on accepting the proposal from client the team of an Entrepreneur or a member (depanding on the project) will go to the client's location and deliver them the required service. When the client will be satisfy from Entrepreneur's work they will release the payment to Entrepreneur and the contract will be finished.
The local type of services include Handyman, Home maintenance, Industrial Services, Home Decoration, Medical Assistance, House Moving, Electrical Service, Music bands and many more.

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