EE Social Environment

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Private Social Media

EE Social is where you build your own community where you and your social activities are private. You will only be sharing with people who you want to share. It's a good way to be connected with your important contacts, friends and family members no mater where they are. EE Social is build on a unique philosophy which makes it different than other traditional social medias.

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Around you

You will be able to find other active users and professionals who are around you in near locations. Make new friends and finding the activities happening around you is always interesting.

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Secure Communication

At the end communication is very important. EEStone brings a way of very secure communication with your contacts. You can send text messages, vocal messages and make calls. You can also make video calls with your loved ones. Creating groups and brodcast messages to your contacts is also possible on EEStone.

Features of EEsocial

EEsocial is designed as a private social platform yet features to provide the best services to have a quality time on our platform.

Some of EEsocial's prominent features are mentioned below

  • People can only search you by your username or personal Email which is used to sign up with EEStone.
  • You can post updates which are only visible to other users for 1 week and posts will be shown on weekly schedule.
  • You can also create memories which are saved and viewable to your contacts permanently unless you delete them.
  • Finding the people who are around you is way more easy now, so whether you are looking for a date or looking for some professionals, you've come to the right place.
  • You can create mutual posts with your contacts that will appear as a combined post to your other contacts.
  • You can easily manage your contacts and be connected with them anywhere at anytime.

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EEsocial Privacy

We understand that the privacy is important in life and sometimes you just want to share things with specific people. EEsocial has very awesome privacy feature for your posts and other imformation that you share with EEStone. You can set your privacy to special indviduals, your contacts and strangers.

Fundamental EEsocial privacy features are below

  • You can private your posts, to a specific contact or strangers.
  • You can share your posts to specific contacts.
  • You can manage who can tags you and who can see your taged posts.
  • You can hide your personal information from strangers or your contacts.
  • You can make your posts' Likes and Comments private or publically viewable.
  • You can manage your posts to be shared by other users.
  • You can block other users so they can not see your profile and can unblock them when you want.
  • You can manage how other users can search you.
  • You can enjoy a lot of privacy features on EEStone, which will fit exactly how you want to socially interact with people.

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