Can there be a successful business oriented social media platform in 2020?

Have you ever wanted to start a business through social media? However, the selection of social media at hand may be good to start a business but any business to business interactions are quite limited. So, the number of businesses that actually benefit from these general social media platforms are small scale or the ones that require a business to person contact. This leaves a big chunk of the industry with no platform to interact. Most businesses grow through each other, a business to business interaction is required to make bigger steps and to grow your own hold.


As the year 2020 has come, the new decade has brought a Business-Oriented Social Media platform our way. If you are looking for easy interactions between your business and clients or other businesses, this platform is all about that! EEStone may be the platform that changes social media for the new generations. Start-ups these days are more business forward and want to achieve their goals using these platforms, however, their options become limited when they have no other services they can depend on.


EEStone provides you the great features to create your own company online in all services-based business categories included with both online and local services, and run it like a physical company. You can create projects about your services and let people know about the services you/your company can provide them. And because it is a social media of social connections as well, your company can expand your skills, services on a bigger scale and become real entrepreneurs. Moreover, interested people can also support you to see your future posts and milestones. All the service providers can also find the projects posted by clients looking for their services.


This can be an amazing opportunity for small and new businesses to grow and rise on a large scale.


It provides the following types of interactions:


People to People

This app is not limited to businesses, it’s not LinkedIn or something even similar. This is social media, where you represent yourself. It brings you the individuals as well as collaborations, it’s not limited to or limited by businesses and professional interactions. It’s only business-oriented, you can also find new people and places that interest you through the listings on this platform!


Most importantly, you can use this without any of that hassle as well, you can just make your own profile and meet people who are like-minded and living around you. It helps you feel connected to your type of crowd and that comes with its own benefits, like any other social media space:


  •            The platform is not shabby, it’s put together quite well and is quite easy on the eyes.
  •            Privacy and security is always the main concern, EEStone provides both through their settings.
  •            Your information is safe, only what you want can be seen on the page.
  •            It’s an easy-going place and not as intimidating as other full-scale business applications.


People to Business

The other great thing about the platform is that it brings people opportunities to contact businesses while their leisure time and it takes no effort. If you as an individual want to contact a company or a service provider, you can just search the service you’re requiring and EEStone will show the companies providing those services. This makes getting in touch with businesses much easier and faster in comparison to other platforms where the information you require is never listed.


This Social Media website is a new step into easing the new generation into interaction with real businesses. As a person surrounded by Generation Z and Millennials, it’s painful to see that there is a big hesitation when these generations try to interact with professional businesses on the phone or through other means. This platform provides them with the ease of communication through a place that is familiar, social media. This can increase their confidence when dealing with professionals.


Business to Business

In all honesty, this social media app would be a dream if it became sensational and popular, business to business interactions, in general, can be extremely costly and if you are a company providing services to other businesses, or require the help of other companies, it can be hard to find them or their contact without investing any money into it.