Communication and its Purposes

In ancient times and even now the only way to interact is communication. But the only difference from now and that time is the ways of it. Due to little knowledge and fewer inventions people use to communicate with each other via letters and telecoms. But in this era, there are new and advance ways of dealing with this act of transferring information. In the early days, there was a threat of not reaching a letter to the right person but now there is no threat like this. The modernization and new technologies have made it so easy for us to communicate privately to the right person and helped us in providing a secure communication system.

What is Communication?

Communication is the exchange of information, facts, ideas or emotions by two or more people.  It is a process by which information is passed from one individual to another or from one end to another is communication. Certainly, it helps people to understand each other in a better way and removing misconceptions. It could be in the form of verbal, written, formal or informal.

It has also helped in bringing people close to each other, it bridges the gap between the people through the transfer of data between them by using different ways. The most important aspect of communication is information and facts. It is the information that is translated and stored among people.