SUCCESS is something that’s defined differently for every individual. A Business Man saying, “I am successful today! ” would either mean he is doing well in terms of profits or he might mean it in terms that he has made a name in the industry. Likewise, the owner of a small shop might relate to success in terms of that he can meet the needs of his family.

Therefore the questions that come into mind are; what does success actually look like?; do you have something to lose when achieving success?

In the article below we have covered the topic of the questions, for a better understanding of the concepts.

What is Success?

It is a general understanding of masses that the biggest indicator of success is as follows:

          1.       Money

          2.       The ability to be your own Boss

          3.       Ability to choose what to do with your time

          4.       Recognition in the Industry

However, in research, it was found that even if people had enough money and time, they still did not feel successful. Many thought they had already given up so much in terms of family time, moments, peace of mind due to work-related stress and anxiety for success that they did not feel any fulfillment.

On the other hand, many were content with their name and place in the industry along with the financial status. While many tried to achieve further fulfillment by making a change in society, by opening NGOs, helping the poor, educating the needy, etc.

Disadvantages of Being Successful

Below are a few indicators of why you are not happy even if in worldly terms you are successful. Or if you are on your road to success:

1.       You will be losing a lot of time with your family or friends. In order to make a mark in your job or earn big bucks, a lot of time must be invested to your work, therefore you have to give up a lot of your fun moments with family and friends.

This is the time, you won't get back. Many individuals after ‘having it all’ list down their biggest regret as loosing out on the big moments of their kids.

2.       If you are wealthy or have a reputation, you will never know if people are friends with you because of your money or they are genuine people who care for your welfare.

3.       If you have ambitions or a wealthy person, you are an easy target for kidnapping or blackmailing.

4.       A lot of competition, jealousy, and dirty politics in the office that might leave you with a lot of stress and anxiety.

5.       People get so lost in their road to success that they get lonely. They don’t invest in making new friends or in their old relationships. Therefore they have no one to share their problems or feelings with. They become loners. And therefore train themselves to fill this gap with more money or power.

6.       On your road to success, many individuals become very egoistic due to their victories and may lose sight of what is wrong and what is right. Many resorts to doing anything legal or illegal to win it. It becomes more about fulfilling their egos than the work they do.

7.       Many individuals cannot deal with all the stress and anxiety related to work and go into depression.

8.       Once you are on your way to success, every step tells you to prioritize achievement over everything else.

9.       Once you are known for your success, people start putting labels on you and have certain expectations.

10.   In a very simple statement, success can be defined as a form of addiction. It will make you keep chasing more and more and more.

11.   With success, comes a certain standard of living that people start attaining as well. However unnecessary, it is how individuals feel they are showing their success. Status and class comes into play here. It is raised and gets you into a deeper hole of maintaining and increasing that standard of living.

12.   Success makes you forget why you started in the first place. For example, you might have become a lawyer to get justice, but once you get success/money/power some forget their moral lines.

List of Successful people:

1.       Martha Stewart: She is world-famous for her home tips, recipes, home décor, etc. She like any successful person saw ups and downs on her road to success.

2.       Larry King: He is a talk show host, almost everyone knows about him.

3.       James Altucher: Owns a website design company.

4.       George Foreman: Is a former boxing champion.

5.       Walt Disney: The most popular among adults and children as well. He was once a struggling filmmaker but with his constant hard work managed to not only make a name for himself but conquered the world.

Tips For Being Successful:

Following are a few tips for you to take into consideration that might help you on your way to success:

1.       Do not care what others think you should be doing. It is possible you parents wanted you to be a doctor, while you have a knack for an architect. Pursue what your heart and abilities tell you to. Stay constant and work hard, Be smart. You will get there!

2.       Understand that not everything works out the way you expected it to. Bring flexibility in your plan. The path is not definite, it comes with a few turns and twists.

3.       Focus on the Big picture and not minor details. Have the ability to recognize what matters and what doesn’t.

4.       Keep yourself challenged. To be successful doesn’t mean you are always right, Success comes from constantly challenging yourself to become better.

Understand you cannot please everyone. You might have to let go of a few award functions, a few upscale parties, make your spouse a bit angry. You need to know there is a price you will have to pay.

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