How to become an Entrepreneur with EEStone?

Are you looking for ways to enhance your business and find more clients? There are multiple ways to try your hand, but one that starts out is the use of business to person and business to business social media. Try EEStone

A business-oriented social media site where a service provider can create a company’s profile, add portfolios, logo, slogan, add multiple services, team members, milestones, galleries, post services, create a workplace, admin panel with CRM, ERP and manage it like a physical company with zero investment. You can also socialize with consumers and potential clients to create a loyalty bond.

In today’s business world, the bond you create with your existing clients is your saving grace, more clients will come your way faster through the word of mouth, than any other marketing tactics and EEStone provides you the opportunity to be the topic people are talking about.

Entrepreneurship at EEStone

EEStone is a business social media to connect with each other socially and a service marketplace to provide/get unlimited online and local services. We believe in working together where you can bring us skills and we’ll make you earn from it. A service provider/freelancer can create a company profile according to your skills, add a logo, company slogan, contact, business email, the services you can provide, team members if have, your service pictures and videos, create milestones, post services, manage admin panel and run it online like a physical company. The people looking for those services can directly hire you from your posted services.

EEStone also gives clients access to post projects and find suitable entrepreneurs for their required service.

You can also find projects related to your services in the feature called ‘find projects’ where clients post the details of the required service. After finding a suitable project, you can directly send them your proposal and after they accept your proposal, you can be directly hired from your posted service.

After accepting the proposal client creates the contract of the project and pays the complete amount for that project. EEStone will store the payment for the safety of both sides until you finish your job and send it to the client. After the client receives the project and accepts it, your payment will automatically be transferred to your account.

As EEStone is a social media to communicate and connect socially in a more safe and secure way, where you can find more clients and expand your skills/services on bigger scale.

You can truly use EEStone to work online from home for all the online services.

In the business world, it is also very important to make suitable connections with other companies and build more B2B relations. It also helps you to become a reliable service provider, more reputed, grow faster and become real entrepreneurs.

There are also other factors that give your business a push at EEStone, such as:


The experience your previous clients have a huge impact on your upcoming clients. Your previous clients will give your company reviews in terms of ratings (stars out of 5) with their valuable comments. Your company rating will automatically generate your success rate.

According to a recent research, positive reviews impact any business greatly. One positive review can boost your company’s current business by 75% and the more positive reviews you have, the higher possibility for your company to become trustworthy for new clients.

In a survey in 2016 it was revealed that 91% of all clients consult at least one of the reviews written online, the more shocking factor was that 93% of shoppers avoided a business that had negative reviews on it. This explains the power of reviews and how it can make or break any business.


At EEStone, the clients have the access to see the complete detailed information of a company’s profile, services and team members to understand better for their required services.

An entrepreneur can also check out and support other entrepreneurs to build B2B connections for the mutual beneficiary. For new businesses, there is also an opportunity to reach out to other companies for suitable business deals and outsourcing. It can also help you generate professional links and create multiple services.

If you are looking for a business that will be mutually beneficial for your company and the others, to co-relate with.

EEStone teams can also help you understand which of your services are in demanding and also about the other companies that are the client favorites, which ones are looking for similar opportunities and which company can help you mutually benefit from the agreements. You can support other entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurship and understand the market values. These types of deals are necessary for a growing company.

Services at EEStone

EEStone marketplace has both online & local services and can be provided on global scale.

Online Services

Online services are those services in which a service provider can provide all his/her services online and do not require any physical interaction with the client. These kinds of services can work on global scale. If you are an online service provider, you can manage your company and online work from home as well.

Local Services

Local services are those in which a service provider must interact with clients physically and have to appear with the client to provide the services. Exp: doctor, teacher, lawyer, plumber, electrician, delivery, ride-hailing, etc. If you are a local service provider, you can manage your company and online work from home as well.

Around You

EEStone also has a mapping system to make new friends, find shops, hospitals, schools, restaurants and much more in your nearby locations. If you’re a local service provider or local business owner, you can also advertise your business/company in ‘around you’ feature.

This can also help you promote your business in the local area and let the people know your existence in nearby locations.

Personal Progress

EEStone has created a secure management system to manage all the internal affairs of the company which can only be seen by the entrepreneur itself.

By default, only the entrepreneur (the creator of the company) has the access to EE Panel and manage CRM, ERP. But if an entrepreneur wishes to transfer the EE Panel management to other team members, that can also be done in specific conditions.  


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